About Us

Company History

Anchor Painting Company began as a family business over 20 years ago, comprised of two generations of skilled journeymen painters. We have become one of the largest, well known painting companies in Brevard County, and we are also well known where we serve in neighboring Volusia, Orange, and Indian River Counties.

We have employed over 60 painters at one time and have had the opportunity to seal, repair, waterproof, and paint hundreds of high-rise and multi family projects over the years. Anchor Painting Company has sealed and painted many well known buildings such as the Kennedy Space Center Headquarters building, the Radisson Oceanfront Hotel in Indian Harbour Beach, and the Crawford Science Tower at Florida Tech University (FIT). Our satisfied clients include: the City of Melbourne, Brevard County, Brevard Schools, countless HOA’s, condominium associations, hotels, investors, realtors, and builders.

Over the years we have faced many obstacles. One example is the Kennedy Space Center Headquarters project where we faced impossible scheduling demands. We chose to run 14 manlifts at one time with a crew of 30 employees on the project. They completed the daunting task in just 10 weeks caulking over 1000 windows and painting the massive exterior.

On that same project, an environmental hazard called “PCB’s” was discovered. Our solution required the men to wear TYVEK (vinyl) suits in mid July in order to conform to the environmental safety demands. Although it was not easy, we readily complied with the client’s needs to get the job done. We were formally awarded a Certificate of Recognition in front of the entire SGS staff at a Kennedy Space Center award ceremony. This was the first time a subcontractor was formally awarded such an honor. The SGS Recommendation Letter stated the project was a “textbook example for other subcontractors to strive to emulate.”

Anchor Painting Company is committed to quality by doing the extra preparation that is required to make their jobs “weather the storm.” That means we pressure wash thoroughly, seal cracks, caulk wherever water and salt can penetrate the structure, and we use only top of the line products worthy of our company standards. We are insistent that honor and integrity must be more than simple catchwords, but should literally navigate our course in life.

Our company is not dedicated solely to profitability but also to what we call “THE ANCHOR PLEDGE.” This is our company code dedicated to unwavering commitment to Quality and Core Values. All employees at Anchor Painting have signed our commitment document and are held accountable to uphold its standards. You will not find another company more dedicated to its clients or more concerned with long-term quality.

We are available to provide these services to the following areas: Melbourne painter, Cocoa Beach Painters, Merritt Island Painting and Central Florida too.

Click the image below for a copy of the Anchor Pledge